Through the euphoric highs and the depths of despair, I have been there.

I have walked a mile in your shoes. From my first condo investment in New Westminster (before I owned a home) at 21 years old to my first home to my 2nd, 3rd, 4th… 16th rental property, to my joint venture in a 21-unit apartment building in Edmonton, to my biggest leap and challenge to date; a 32-unit commercial/residential hotel conversion all by myself.

Fear has been present all along the way - every single time. I know your anxieties and I know excitement.

My unique delivery is real empathy, understanding, and experience.



Don’t tell ME I can’t do something - you’ll make me hungry for it.

I grew up believing boys and girls are equal. Anything you can do I can do too. I guess that makes me a feminist. But I equally like men. We’re all the same to me… human.

I listen to your immediate goals and have the foresight to ask you deep questions that may impact your future.

Don’t worry if you don’t like to look that far ahead. I do. Just like with my own mortgages, I like to err on the side of flexibility and options. After all, life is curvy.

I will always elect full frill mortgage options - it’s just not worth the risk. But you’ll be part of that conversation.

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I am a Mortgage professional but… I am also a real estate investor and I a licensed realtor.

Why is this worth mentioning? Because I am professionally trained to legally represent and find good investments for Clients. Do I act as a Realtor today? Well, kind of.

Today, I work primarily as a Mortgage Professional, but I draw on my 10 years experience as a Realtor and Investor for my delivery of mortgage advice. I am available for hire, to find you sound investments to operate as highest and best use or reside in, but I employ my esteemed colleagues to help.

It’s actually the best service available because you get mounds of professional and personal experience in one - all for the same price.

Why wouldn’t you want the HIGHEST and MOST experience possible when representing you? In this case… more is better.

Working with Ashley, provided our family with exceptional results. She came with a network of professionals and her experience, knowledge and high standards make her exceptional.
— Kim & Josh Brownlee


We are very excited to move into our house. THe kids have already started to pack! Thank you very much Ashley, you are an angel to me and my kids.
— Judith Silva, First -Time Buyer
Ashley, you were vital in helping my clients close on a property that they otherwise would not have been able to. in both cases, each of the buyers already had their own mortgage broker and after a lot of wasted time, they were not able to get the financing.
— Michelle Harrison, Royal LePage Northstar


Hi, I’m Ashley.

Mortgage Advisor and Real Estate Investor. Driven. Ambitious. Empathetic. Born and raised in the same city I call home today - I like adventure and experience but equally familiarity and consistency.

I practice what I preach. I believe that the most widely available tool to financial freedom - is real estate. When compared to other paths of wealth, it’s the one product that you can buy, leverage, and paid for with minimal effort - while you sleep. Not equally, but everyone has the ability to get it - with creativity, action and good timing.

At the height of my personal portfolio, I have owned 62 doors at one time. I’ve won numerous awards with real estate investor networks and openly share my knowledge with others.

I strive to keep things real. I value authenticity over any other character trait. I blog about life and real estate experiences as a form of healing and personal growth.

When not dedicating myself to my work, I will be likely nesting at home with my family or traveling.



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We’ve been a part of VERICO Mortgage Brokers Network since 2005, providing residential and commercial financing to thousands of clients each year, offering seamless mortgage solutions.

Verico Paragon Mortgage Inc is one of the largest independent Brokerages of the nation which means as group we fund hundreds of millions of mortgages per year which translate to best available discounted interest rates passed on to you.

No shiny swag at your expense.. just results.

Airo Mortgage is simply a legal entity in which my license is held within Paragon.